Olympus Recorder

On version

Off version

Mic close-up


So sexy! I love it❤️

@DaJor how much time have you spent on it?

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Good work! Do you do field recordings?
I used to own Olympus LS-5, older sibling - now I use Sony M10.

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Thanks for your commentary.
And for the question , sorry but i can´t tell how much time i spent, like i said in the WIP thread this was an old project i start and left in the hard drive , recently with a hardware changes when i did cleaning of archives and other stuff i recover it and decided to finish ,but i have been doing it at time to time and maybe the materials and texturing part if i put it together a couple of days and one more for lighting and render test…but honestly i can´t tell you how long it took.

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Thanks ,
and no i don´t do because i don´t even have a recorder.

Nice and clean. Congrats!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

And Happy Holidays to all.

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