Omega Seamaster Professional

Hi everyone!
I’ve been making a few watches lately, but this is by far my favourite. I thought the bubbles suit the dive watch look, let me know what you think. :watch:

It’s also on Artstation if you want to check it out:


Pretty cool.
How long did you spent on this?

Thanks, start to finish was probably around 10 hours i’d say.

Very nice.
I’ve been trying to model some of my watches ever since I started learning Blender, but I can’t seem to get the case right.
Would you mind sharing a picture of your wireframe ?
Just for inspiration :wink:

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I was too lazy to model the movement on this one. I have selected the bezel and case, in the final renders these had 3 or 4 sub-divisions on them. The bezel markings and face were done with the Boolean modifier, the rest are fairly basic shapes.

The best advice I have for the case is to keep it very simple, then use creases and subsurf to make it more refined,

best of luck for your models.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


That’s a lovely image. Well done!

very cool i like it looks so real

lovely lightning

Thanks everyone!

wow… this is photorealistic… i thought it’s advertisement :smiley:
great job!

Really nice. But is the number supposed to look upside down?

I assume you mean the minute markings on the bezel, in which case, yes. When the bezel is rotated the number at the top will always be facing the right way.

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Ah okay never really had anything but cheap digital watches . So don’t know if the have a function or not . I think Some watches put all kind of useless marking just because it looks cool

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The lighting is so inspiring. Are you a professional color grader? The watch is awesome! The materials, the details. Congrats.

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I worked hard to create this thing but still wasn’t able to make it Even after working for about 6-7 hours I created this. But I’ll keep trying until I become the best. Its about 1 month now since I started using blender. Constructive criticism will be appreciated.

How did you created such a perfect wrist band please share your tutorial, I made wrist band in about 2 hours.