Omniscient CG Animation Trailer Production (Blender 2.8)


I decided to start sharing the progress of my production of my the second Omniscient trailer which is for the first episode. There will be a total of three scenes and I’m re-using as many of my old assets as possible. I want to share my updates here so that people can see how I go about making my animations. I’ve used blender for 7 years and have produced 3 full length shortfilms entirely made in blender. You can find them on YouTube here if you’re interested: Taumich on YouTube

The omniscient series is based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe and takes place in an entirely fan-made sector. The first trailer can be found here:

So to start of I’d like to show you my Warlord Titan that I’ll be using for the trailer to my series. The animation almost entirely automated with a walk cycle and is only adapted slightly to match the terrain and speed.

The scene itself is also in production and has been instantiated from my asset files. You can see the Hive City in the background that spawns buildings, representing the hulking cities that reach as high as mountains.

The buildings are entirely instantiated which allows me to easily modify, replace and update all of them via other blender files. Here you can see the buildings replaced with one of my gothic mega structures that is made entirely from small pieces that have been linked and arranged together to form a huge construction.

I have a lot prepared already and will be putting it all together as i find the time to work on this further. I hope you’ll enjoy the process!


Worked quite a bit on the city assets and am adding more and more buildings as well as quickly putting together variations using my linking systems.

Am also working on the scenes that will contain some teasing of the character types that will be seen.

Will put togheter a piece of the trailer today hopefully, will be sharing progress here.

I put together one of the scenes for the teaser, might work on it more before release but this will do for now. I really like using strong rim-light effects for my characters and it feels very much like warhammer 40k when doing so.


Have made two more, i will probably switch over to ultra wide 5:2 aspect ratio and have it render in 2k.

Here are two other shots for the trailer.


Nice work you got there. Care to check out my own WIP? I’ll surely be watching the first episode of your series on YouTube, as I am making my own in-between YouTube series after the second film I’m going to make in Blender.

I’ll be using 2.8 and any other future versions of the Blender program to make my sci-fi series.