on-line game

Does some1 know how I can make my game on line? or another way to make 2 persons on 2 comp in the same world?

Google sockets.

Of course, you have to know python and the BGE quite well in order to actually make it all work - otherwise online multiplayer might be something you want to avoid for the time being.

Unless you’re good with networking and stuff like that, there isn’t much hope.

yes there is hope … : the BZoo system has revived and is now working quite well …


but shhhht … it’s still in the work … try it at your own responsability :wink:
or wait 'till the docs are complete.

big tks to jbperin and his team for this !

Looks pretty cool.

yea, i hope i can find some info abuot it soon :smiley:

still if some1 know some more about it… :smiley:

a solution which i tried for interaction between blender and other applications might serve as a solution too.

use the osc (open sound control) protocoll and its python implementation. eventhough it’s developed to server other purposes, it’s very useable as a realtime/udp based messaging between different applications over a network.

A server also exists, which would enable multiple clients to be synchronized.




also here are some threads which are discussing the usage of osc in blender, just search the forum for osc