On loadingthe alpha channel from a TIF file

I’ve made a TIF file (I’d prefer to use PSD but since Blender doesn’t support that any more I’m stuck with TIF if I want to keep layer support) that has transparent areas (in this case, it’s swatches of hair for a character). Photoshop saves the image with alpha, but when I load it into Blender the alpha channel doesn’t seem to be present- it is as though a white layer was added underneath all the other layers (even though the transparent parts of the other layers are black in the actual image- so if it were just ignoring the alpha channel I should be seeing a lot of black)

If I toggle the view mode of the UV/image editor to just draw the alpha channel I get a solid white image- it’s as though Blender doesn’t even recognize that there is an alpha channel present at all.
If I resave the image as PNG the alpha loads, but having to resave every image as a PNG copy every time I make a change to a texture is hardly a solution.

Is there some setting I’m missing? Or does 2.66 just not support alpha from TIF images?

[edit] aaaand of course immediately after making this thread I find the solution. In Photoshop you have to manually add a separate alpha channel for TIF files, it seems. Frustrating.