On Physics.

This isn’t related to vertex weights or entire-object weights, physics/aerodynamics.

I would like some assistance with creating a library of real life materials with their real life properties, which includes heat/cold tolerance, and electrical conductivity, magnetism, and various other chemical properties. Only the basic stuff, that is - The elements, and a few algorithms for creating compounds/mixtures/alloys. If someone is actually competent, they’d be willing to look into the library and add whatever they need based on real world data.

Volume + Material based weight, strength, heat/cold tolerance, etc.

Why? Because I would like to see a FREE realistic physics simulator for the engineers and chemists out there. Something with REAL commercial value – There are only so many gamers in the world. Why not allow the people who make real life objects to use a free program for their own hobbies?

Personally, I would like to design a “Powered Armor” with some chances of actually working.

Anybody willing to help out?

id like to help but i dont know python,it sounds like a good idea

Dude, show that you have some work done on it, not just idea. Sorry, but right now this is a useless thread.

Hi Azereiah.

your idea is quite interesting.

Sadly, it’s not as easy as you may though.

I study in mechanical engineering (Uni), and I can tell you that
behaving of materials is really hard to calculate only looking at mechanicals stress.
…and as far as you want it precise, you need to add computation time
…and that can go from mins to weeks, so impossible to considerate in a
game engine that re-calculate the world 60 times per second.

…of course, you can alway go REAAAAALLLLYYYY basic,
but then you need to use quite advanced physics equations
to predict the deformation of an object.

…in fact, going into simple bend/torc/compression etc equations
would be possible and could probably be calculated 60 times per second for
a limited number of objects, the real big problem is then : The mesh re-draw

…or the way the scrip -recreate a deformed mesh (Call that as you wish)

cuz yea, if you compress a cube, planes still remain planes,
but if you bend it, you then need to have wisely subdivide them so that
the mesh can look deformed with a relatively realistic number of calculation.

…idk if there’s a better way, but the suggestion I give is the fastest I see but
still request lot of calculations … which I fear wouldn’t be possible to calculate
within 1/60 second :frowning:

your idea is nice Azereiah,
and I could help with my advanced knowledge of physics.

But I warn you, this project is going to be limited only by the speed as which
blender calculate these complexes deformation equation.
I believe it can calculate an impressive numbers of mesh calculation,
but that’s only true for really basics deformations

…And I would even call them “fake deformation”

as I said, commercials software such as “Solidworks” used to
calculate the meshes deformations need lot of time to calculate it precisely.

thus, I would only warn you that the utility of such thing for engineers. :frowning:


maybe I misunderstood the real goal of your project

I hope so :stuck_out_tongue:

im pretty sure u could do something like this using shape keys ill try it out and upload the demo