On the Haunt and Gates of Hell... 4 entries...

(orange) #1

4 entries… submit yours! Before it’s too late. :X


(paradox) #2

come on people, my entry is in. I want some competition for the On the Haunt contest.

(Jamesk) #3

Yeah, c’mon… mine’s there to. Go ahead and kill me with your stunning Halloween pics!

(Fort Max) #4

I JUST submitted, and to tell the truth it may not be the most realistic of the ones already up but it IS pretty funny (which is what I’m hoping will get me at least a few votes :slight_smile: )

Anyway I’m happy to just get it finished.

(valarking) #5

I had a pretty sweet image I was working on but I had to go out of town for 4 days this week (excuses!excuses!), so, alas, no entry from me this year. I know better than to enter an unfinished one, I might get started on planning for next year’s entry…

(theeth) #6

I just submitted mine minutes ago.


(dreamsgate) #7

Nothing like pushing the deadline. Just got mine in. Where does all the time go?

(Timonides) #8

Hi orange!!!

I’ve just e-mailed you a better version of my image… The old one was too dark and crapy… :frowning:

I added some lights and worked a bit with the texture parameters… :wink:

I hope that it’s not too late and that you’ll accept my resubmission… :-?

If you don’t I don’t have a problem… I just did it for the fun… :smiley:

Thanks again…


p.s.: Ohh there’s a problem to the link to the high resolution version of my image… please check it… :-?

(valarking) #9

Theeth’s isnt showing up.

(theeth) #10


damn orange… you wrote teeth on purpose! :stuck_out_tongue:


(JarellSmith) #11

Woo Hoo 10 Great entries.
Nice work people.
Sorry I didn’t enter - maybe next time…

(Fort Max) #12

HEY wheres my entry??

I hope you got it orange…

[edit]: Oh crap!!! I think I forgot to attach the pic… I’m an idiot. I’ll send now hope i’m not too late

(DreamMaster) #13

AHHHHHHHHH IT ENDED!?!? :frowning:

My computer’s almost fixed!!! :frowning:

I’m doomed unless Orange gives me a chance? I think I can get on the computer today… I THINK.


(valarking) #14

Kinda low turnout this year…

(Timonides) #15

I don’t think so… it’s easy to get confused!!! ( :wink: )

BTW. Is this nice… bed, supposed to be for spammers Theeth??? :stuck_out_tongue:


(SKPjason) #16

Hmmm… even tho my entry for last years contest was banned… :wink: I really wish I had entered this year… Just so I could lose to theeth…

(orange) #17

Dunno why it didn’t get as many entries this year as last or first year. Probably because I didn’t promote it heavily enough, a good site was up too late, and there were alot of other contests going on already. Oh well, maybe next year will better.

Maybe next year I’ll finish the site a few months BEFORE November. hehe

Oh, and about banning entries… well, maybe I should have implemented a section for ones that were more violent. I dunno. I was just trying to keep it friendly, but really, most of the primary audience doesn’t mind that stuff anyway. :slight_smile: