On the Haunt galleries back.

Yeah, after what… two years? Sheesh, I’m surprised I still remembered my username and password for Elysiun! I was playing around with some of the new Blender stuff (and seeing how much I’ve been missing) and came across the old OTH galleries. Well, stuff isn’t as hectic as it used to be so I spent the day converting all that god-awful ASP to squeeky clean PHP and put it back on the net. So here they are, I don’t know if anybody even missed 'em but it’s a shame to let all those great renderings disappear forever.


Anyway, I wonder if anyone even remembers me… :cry: :slight_smile:

yes I remember it…but I never took part of the contest :slight_smile:

welcome back!

I remember you. The first contest I won. Good to see the gallerys back. Any chance of the contest coming back. It was fun seeing what all the blender users could come up with. Good hearing from you again.

I remember! Glad to see you (and the pics) back! Only 6 months to go :slight_smile:

Jeez, I have learned alot since then. :smiley: I have thought about revisiting “Oh Boy! The soft Chewy Ones!” and fixing all of the very obvious flaws.

Great to see you still hanging around.

On The Haunt! Oh, the memories…Too bad I never participated :-? (and I had two chances! :P)

WOW! The memories indeed. I remember almost all of those entries when they were first posted. Nice to see some of the old stuff.

Too bad a lot of those blenderheads are nolonger around though. There was some really good stuff being dona back in the day.


Sure I remember you :slight_smile:

I was just thinking you might be due for coming back in here with Bapsis droping by to say hello the other day. (no kidding) :wink:

We’d need to gatter a couple of the old farts (SysAdm, tHe_IcEmAn, …), we could have a blender.nl revival meeting:

  • Hey everyone, my name is bioFreak and I was a blender.nl user.
  • Hi biofreak.

Would sound like a AA meeting except with probably more alcohol. :stuck_out_tongue:


Count Duckula!!!
I remember him, boy I wasn’t very good back then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked your Count Duckula. That was a fun contest.

lol, I liked him too, in fact I may revisit that model and improve his look. :smiley:

lol I may do a new franky but this time model him from scratch and make his looks worse.


Philip Meyer was the king those days.

I like the second year the best, it got the most entries and I had a lot of fun building that site. Even if my coding was awful back then. :smiley: There will definitely be a new one this fall. I feel like I have to learn to use Blender all over again! Forgotten so much of the old stuff and now there’s a bunch of new stuff to figure out! The online documentation is wonderful though, there was nothing like that short of buying the book last time I was into Blender. :slight_smile:

Do SysAdm and Hos and Iceman come around much these days?

Hos is on the dev team. Doesn’t come here often though.
Sysadm opened a blender gallery some time ago: http://centralsource.com/blenderart/
No idea where iceman is, don’t think he ever came here for long.


Count me in, I loved On the Haunt. It was the first contest I ever entered and will always be my favorite. :smiley: