On-the-haunt submission

(Jamesk) #1

Yeah, I couldn’t wait for ‘el freako biologico’ to set up the submission stuff, so here’s what my entry will look like:

Watch it and weep, as they say…

The official title is: “GOD…Please…NO”

And yes, this is straight out of the good old blender, no post at all, in full compliance.

(malefico) #2

Oh well. Seems like this year will be real hard competition ! :smiley:

I really like the way you did the fabric on the clothes…

(Ecks) #3

Really nice…All those entry for this year are very nice! :smiley:

one thing, it seem that the arm is not connected to the shoulder area…is it only an optical illusion (spelling*) or you didn’t connect them?

nice render anyway

(JarellSmith) #4

Really nice entry.

A couple things that I think could use a bit of tweaking:

  • his wrist seems mighty square - could round it out a bit and sort of add something to indicate the bone structure of the wrist,

  • the head seems a bit small for the body,

  • no psychotic looking eyes?.

Texturing of the glove and the clothes are really nice.
Overall composition is really nice - looks very scary.

Good luck with the contest

(Ecks) #5

add some blood on the knife…

(dreamsgate) #6

well that freaked me out when it loaded, nice job.

(CubeFan973) #7

Oh, okay, so I’ve got huge competition. Shoot.

And I have three images… that I can still lose to you with…

(Jamesk) #8

CubeFan973: Yes.

Dreamsgate: Thanks. Maybe I should animate it too?

X-Warrior: I didn’t add any blood on the knife because that’s just what you’d expect in a halloween pic. And you’re right - the arm isn’t connected. That saved me about an hour of modeling :smiley:

JarrelSmith: I’ll look into that. Thanks for pointing it out!

malefico: Thanks!

May the best blenderhead win!
/me looks nervously over his shoulder…

(S68) #9

Very cool :slight_smile: