On the Haunt : Turkey trot !

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Turkey trot !
Do anyting plimgrim or turkey fun like…

Win a free something for 25$ Or the blender book 3 when it comes out.
But does anyone have a link to the preorder page ?

And I have extended the contest till 25th nov Turkey Day!
I still want a healty compete game. Soooo submit ! submit !

either mail me images @ [email protected]
or post um to http://www.aprilcolo.com/oh/natch/simpleforum.cgi?fid=01
Or just post them at the gallery here in elysiun and mail me the link.

So far on the site is Dreamsgate, Yorik, Hans, and MattShannon

This contest neeeeds more fighting fun.

So get to it. win free thing


Is this web site Done?
Its really hard to navigate it, seems like some links aren’t working, if you go to see (click on) the castle on the “home page” , how can you go back to the main galery, the rules working only from inside the page of the castle,rest of the links dont work for me, else some outer elements of navigating are hard to understand…
I think its a good idea first to finish a web site,in a decent way then start announcing it…
Take care (also on the site), maybe I will participate later this mounth :slight_smile:
(sorry for the critic I do web (&) design and GUI elements commercialy <as ajob> and for maybe to long :))…

ooo Kay I goofed on the rules link. And I need to recompress the images. But they lose so much quality if I do to much.

Whatelse should I add. The title bar does the back to gallery part. I had not spent enough time on it as I do not have enough time for it . Just something quick that I can update speedly.

I have an Idea for you, check out “Macromedia Contribute”- Its areally easy to use - on line-updating-web site-software, really fun software, And you don’t need Html-ing at all (you actually dont even have the option to see the code :)), you don’t really need to make web page and then upload it… Try it, I think it will help you alot, the link for macromedia trails downloads page is:
Its atrail, so you can use it for one mounth, then if you like it- I don’t need to tell you what to do to get it :slight_smile:

Have Fun


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Contest site go poof. * I have contacted Orange. But other wise I will transfer it to my colo account and remove the logo as that is oranges. So I will will still give the book out for the book.

^v^ ooff faa!

well sadly I can not even contact him. As his email was apart of that domain. So it went poof*

Well anyway the show goes on. All done in HTML now. Sooo It is muuuuuuch faster t load.

And Hans has contributed an image. The Super Model Turkey Tanning booth !
Check it !