[on the topic of network gaming]

hello, i’m doing wsag, but for an fps. so…how could i send a message(like message actuators and sensors) so that the player action is sent to the onscreen character of the other player? just to set actions and frame changes. i could not find this anywhere:spin:

you shoud make some simple tests with WSAG , once you realy understand it ,you will see its easy to adjust it for your needs.

You can’t send a message to another person through the message actuator, you have to send it through the socket.

with what code? not very proficient with python.something into the server/client scripts like

if [action actuator player property] == 1
     send [action number message to onscreen character]

for onscreen charcter

if recieve [action number message to onscreen character]
    [onscreen character].[action  number property] = 1

I haven’t looked at WSAG but you need to find something named like ‘socket’, maybe GameLogic.socket. Do a search through all texts (check box allows this).

When you find it, simply do:

socket.send('what ever you want to send here: strings/ints/floats')

info = socket.recv()
if info = 'what ever you want to send here: strings/ints/floats':
    property  = 1

thanks, big help there, man.