ON THIS FORUM how do i tell it to email me when some kind person replies?

I looked in Preferences…
looked in notifications…

Click on that link and then there’s a drop down:

Which it looks like you’ve got set already, so maybe give it a bit of time to sync your settings

my account looks nothing like yours!

Just go on…

yes i know, but what then? no tab looks like your post!
thanks for your patience

Here’s the full screen. Or, at least, it should be.

Click Emails, then change the option that the arrow is pointing at. This is the preferences page, which you can get to by clicking the preferences tab at the far right of the screen. In my screenshot, it’s highlighted orange, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be on your screen till you click it.

IDK … and you also clicked Saved Changes… i’m out of suggestions… never had a problem while change any settings on any website… Any cookie cleaner installed ?? Browsing in anonymous mode…