On which Windows 10 do you work in Blender? Home or Pro?

If you work in Blender on Windows 10, which Windows 10 do you run? Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro?

These days there’s little difference that I know of apart from things in Pro like connecting to a Domain, which most people won’t need to do. I have some mix of Home and Pro but could not tell you which ones are which because it never affects anything I want to do.

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Gavin, thank you. I took into consideration.

How did you make this mix?

I just acquired computers at different times and some came with pro and some home. Haven’t had any issues networking them using the features home has (beyond Microsoft peer-to-peer networking always being fiddly).

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I use windows 10 pro for a few reasons at the time windows 10 home would not scale to 64 threads on a cpu also i can use remote desktop to send files and such to my rendering pc. Also i think there are limitations to virtual machines on home (hyper v) and the security is better in general with bit locker.

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