One action for two armatures? is it possible?

Hello everyone!, well that is my question, hopefully someone with more experience than me can answer this question:

Is it posiible to make only one action for two different armatures??

i´m having this problem with a rigg i just finish, D:, and is that i didn´t think about it, but i have two armatures for one character one for the hands, and one for the rest of the body, they are attached to different meshes, and the problem to use the Action editor and the NLA editor is huuuuuge, so i don´t know, perhaps it is possible to set only one action for both armatures???

Greetings from Chile.

well, nevermind (but i´m still curious about the answer though, as it will facilitate the use of cordinated motions, such as synched swimming or something like in Dragion ball Z when Goten and trunks use the fussion technique hahah, or a cheerleader dance, or something like that),

but, anyway, i end up merging the two armatures, was a bit messy, and now i have to do all the bone shapes because i was using one bone armature on xray and the other one in shapes, but anyway…

1 action for 2 different armatures? It’s possible as long as the is exactly the same.

so it´s not possible to display two objects keyframes on the action editor for a single action? and that is also impossible on the NLA?

hmmm you could join them into a single object