One click Automatic UV for blender similar to Zbrush

I was wondering, is there something like this for blender?
I no longer paint textures in photoshop and only use 3d painting tools and projections, so I don’t really need clean UV maps at all. I use a one click auto UV solution in zbrush called GUV tiles (also puv / auv). It basically just makes a messy UV that is not useable in photoshop but it retains perfect quality in normals, displacement, and textures, with NO seams.

I can’t buy zbrush for my whole team and was wondering if I can some how do this in blender. Is there a one click auto uv method if I’m just strictly 3d painting?

Option 1
Select all vertices and U / Smart UV Project
Option 2
In Object Data panel add a UV Map. In the image editor select all the vertices and Ctrl+A then Ctrl+P to resize and repack all the unwrapped faces

Let me put it this way (@richard)

  1. ctrl+A
  2. Under [U] command, select “reset”
  3. cursor on the UV editor window, ctrl+P

ZBrush has some more automated methods under UV editor.
For instance if the mesh is subdivided on lot of polygroups, ask for G(roups)UV s

In any case, blender is so much superior on UV editing… let’s forget zbrush on this, Shall we?
Zbrush, on character modeling, provides us with the excellent UVmaster plugin. This is great but a little complicaed, learn how to use it.
Still, nothing to compare with our nice, full operative and advanced, friendly blender UV editor. Right?

hi guys, know nothing about zbrush but using Ukey > Lightmap Pack you get a grid as michalis proposed but keeps areas also