One eyelid deforms differently

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this character’s right upper eyelid please? It doesn’t deform correctly/acceptably like the left one.

Also- is there a way to copy across the weights from one side of the mesh to the other?

Some of the lid vertices are assigned to the head bone.

If half the model was made with a mirror modifier, the modifier would take care of it. You could fine tune the weights or the topology afterwards, once the basic weighting is done.

Thankyou @Ovnuniarchos

How did you find those verts @Ovnuniarchos?

hi… to find stray verts in your weight painting,
.go into weight painting mode, hold shift, and left click the vert in question, (whichever verts arent behaving) it will show you which groups the verts are a part of in a small drop down menu, you can easily use this to find the annoying group which is causing you issues, select the “bad” group from the menu, and weight paint a value of 0 over it. (or to be more accurate, select the group , switch to edit mode and remove the vert from that group using the vertex group menu in the mesh properties tab)

Thanks Lgowans