One Fateful Day: What is This?

Our hero has a question about the lump protruding from his face. Also translating from 2d to 3d, can be difficult, can you relate.

What do you mean by translating from 2D to 3D? Have you used Blender to make this animation or is it traditional 2D?

Trust me, this was made in Blender. It just looks like traditional 2d format. Some of them were pretty entertaining!

Can you show a video of your process then?
In my next animation I need to animate 2D eyes and a mouth on a 3D body. I already have an idea on how to do that, but I think you’d be able to offer a better solution

Thanks. Yes it was made in blender. It’s a great program.

It’s just poking fun at the fact that there are lots of things drawn in 2d that cannot be properly translated to 3D. My brother and I often joke about it, as he is a 3D artist. 2d can get away with a lot that doesn’t make sense in a 3D work. Yes I used blender. I drew the body and broke it up into parts. Each of the parts is a plane. Then I stagger each plane as it is closer to the camera. I use hide unhide to do mouth sync blinks and hand changes. I use an orthographic camera. Then the backgrounds are just set behind the characters.