One giant infinite grid with randomly assorted generated destructible blocks

How would one go about making an infinite grid that randomly generates blocks at certain levels?

Reading books and coding…
You are asking for much.

Infinite grid?
Unit blocks at unit coordinates.

“certain levels”?
give them coordinates,so that their position is certain.

Map generation in general? (minecraft)
Perlin noise.

Destructible blocks?
There is like three posts with my code currently in the first page.

You won’t get far if you think that there are actual blocks.
There are chunks of which mesh you can edit, but no individual blocks.

I think he means Dynamic terrain loading of destructable cubes.I have did it before but it did not work well.I did it with logic bricks.I think it would work a lot better with python.

I suggest you start by making the grid and have it all generate virtually and store the data into a dictionary. Then have a script read the dictionary and have it place blocks accordingly.

ie Main dictionary - {each block embedded in main - {block data: x,y type of block etc etc}}

then have it read the random information.

for i in main dictionary:
    spawner position at [i['x'], i['y'], z]
    add object i['type'] at spawner

That’s a rough way of doing it but will work.

infinite? That is a lot of work ;).