One man band

(LucaDiCecca) #1

hi guys,
i’m working on this concept.
what do you think? i’m not sure at all !Give me a feedback if u wont.
Luca :slight_smile:

(caz747) #2

It’s a great idea, certainly different from what most would think of as a one man band.

I would pursue the concept as it is a unique take on the theme, maybe add in a few more instruments and change the setting for an old smoke filled night club.
Whatever you decide to do, I will just say this first image made me smile.

(Animan333) #3

Nice work! This already looks like a finished piece, but you could compact the instruments more to make it more crowded, choatic, full, more one man band. And maybe a bottle/glass of water :wink:

(juanrav) #4

I love it, I think it is finishing just one thing, the maraca is not seen in the picture, it is like hidden, i woul like to see it more clearly but everithing else is ok for me :D.

(tomjelfs) #5

I think this is a pretty solid piece of work. I love the textures and shaders on the character, the instruments look fantastic and character himself is really appealing.

I do have a few little critiques:

• Pay a bit more attention to the way the eyelids are around the eyes, ensure they fit snuggly around the edges.
• I’d also add a bit more colour or texture into the whites of the eyes.
• His two legs appear to be floating, I would ground them or make it obvious that he is lifting them.
• I’d, perhaps, add some puddles around on the floor.
• I’m not crazy about the materials on the bow tie or hat. The bow tie velvet, while probably technically correct, doesn’t live up to the rest of your shading.

Fantastic work though.

(LucaDiCecca) #6

Thanks guys, I was almost thinking about putting this job away but tips are very useful and encouraging