One more and I stop for a while...

(YAYA) #1

This one is a machine for… heuuu, well a machine that permit to…heuuu,
in fact, it’s a machine that surely do something :-?

See you all later and thanks for the posts!

(rogerm3d) #2

thats cool whatever it is. Maybe you should put on more detail. Like stuff
that would do something with the machine. Or figure out what it does
and add correct stuff for what it does.

(LohnS) #3

cripe, i love that lighting, and the texturing…hell and the modelling, man the whole thing is great, well done, as well as your other works, your a great artist =)

(blengine) #4

very very cool… maybe more of a scene would bring it out alot more

love your textures =)