One more second.

This guy needs one more second to hack the system, will he manage to do it in time?

And here’s a clay render

Modeled, textured and post-processed in blender, some textures are ready-made, some I made in inkscape and gimp.

Rendered in cycles with 550 samples in about 50 minutes.

I know there’s a lot of noise but I feel it adds to the mood. Cleaner renders looked fake.

EDIT: Just in case you have a Cardboard or rift, a 180 degree image

Works nicely with VRTV (play store) or whirligig (rift)

EDIT2: After bigbad’s suggestion, a brighter image (used different film emulation)

Wow. Amazing concept. Reminds me of johhny mnemonic.

The weakest part is the human. You need to look at more poses or something. It’s also too dark. Your monitor might need to be color calibrated.

Edit: I made it brighter on my macbook pro that has a calibrated screen.

Thanks. I have a calibrated monitor but I still might have some issues, Brightness is a bit different on blender, firefox and eye of gnome. Have to read more about color management to understand what is wrong. Btw it was darker still and I cranked the exposure up a bit. I’ll push it a bit more.

Also it’s the first time I tried including a human, so I definitely need more practice.