One Object's materials go black in BGE

I hope this is a stupid question… (It’s been a while since I’ve used BGE).

Im using blender 2.69 (MacOSX 10.6.8) I have a number of characters and objects that look fine in normal blender mode under Texture material settings.

I press P and everything looks fine except all of the textures on one of the characters are gone and it is just plain black. All of the other objects look fine and everything else seems normal. This worked fine a year ago but I have tinkered with that mesh a little bit. Any ideas what I may have deleted or reset or whether this is a bug?

As far as I remember that can happen when there is a mesh without material at all.
I remeber other occasions (a while back) that a few faces went back. But there was no recovery from that, just remake.

By remake do you mean re topo the mesh, redo the bone weights, redo the uv, materials and textures??? (please no).

FWIW, when I go to shadeless it looks fine. Also: I deleted all of the textures and materials from the blend and yet when I look at the object in multitexture it still shows some old textures in a dark blue grey color. Really weird.