One of my first models, dog-lizard thing

This is my second model done with Blender, and my first render. I’d like to see what you all think, and how i can improve. AND any tips on how I should model so that later steps like texturing are easier.


Hello Hippobeings,

Looks like you have alot to learn, Although I bet if you dedicate yourself you will be modeling like a pro in a year or so!

Check this out:
Its a tutorial I used to learn blender, its difficult and you WILL get stuck alot… but in the end the knowledge pays off.

As for your model, looks like there are alot of deformations around the mirror area and ears. You never want a 2D plane unless creating a low-poly game object.

Also, you can texture 2 ways.

  1. UV mapping, this is a much more complex way to texture. So you can understand, you bassically “Unfold” the model" like unfolding a box, you then “Paint” the unfolded box.

I didnt find this helpful but it was all I could find: ne.

  1. Orco texturing… This is easy, simply go into texture settings and apply basic textures like noise or clouds which will disperse around the model. Problem with this is you gain much less control and dont have the ability to create a series of different textures seamlessly across the model.

Hope that helps you…
Good luck… Pretty good start :slight_smile:

thanks alot for the advice, and the sources.