One of my first models outside a tutorial. I need help with lightning

Hello everybody, I am almost done with this new proyect of mine. I modeled an Yamaha Yus3 upright piano, and i need to adjust the lightning. Any tip, with eather the lightning, or the general materials or even the model would help a lot. Also this would be the first time i share my proyects with other people other than my friends!!

EDIT: i know if you zoom in, the wall just looks awful. I did it in a hurry.

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Nice Piano! Classic.

Think about where you want to put your piano: private room? Shell a window throw shadows? A Foyer? A Stage? The corner of a ballet practice room? The piano is very shiny so it reflects lot of its envionment.

The zoomed-out rendering may benefit from some assessoirs: a shelf for the note sheets, a piano stool, something on top of the piano, … Then add offscreen a rough room with big windows and some cubes simulating other furniture/pictures. And play with a hdri and sun. (or the nice new sky texture for the world shader :slight_smile: )

For the closeup: I would start with an Interior HDRI. If the camera comes a little bit more from the front, you will have less unfinished background and better proportions (golden ratio, 5-8-rule, blabla :slight_smile:) Add lights to highlight edges esp of the keys. Edges are important!

Some of the edges seem to be sharp. you want them (just a little bit) round and smooth shading to catch light from different angles.

A wide, very gentle noise/musgrave texture onto the normals is the secret incredience to every reaslitc rendering :slight_smile: Here esp the keys can benefit.

Thank you very much. I will have all those points in mind. To clarify, the close up was just to show the keys materials, not actually the rendered one. Also, yeah, i tried to do surface imperfections for the shiny body, but totally forgot the surface imperfections for the keys haha. Thank you again.

Also, i tried to smooth out the more sharper edges, but if i made the bevel too big for better view, or added even 3 segments for the little edges ir would almost “break” the geometry. Like some of the nice flat surfaces would take a dividing line inside even tho there where no edges there. I couldn´t find a solución, so, most of the little edges that have bevel, only have 2 segments. On the close up for example you can see a strange seem on top of the left flat surface because of that problem.

you can add support loops to restrict the range of the bevel object, Or play with the profile of the bevel modifier.
(I’m a piano “manufacturer” myself :laughing: this is a bevel-4 modifier and smooth shading)

Anyway, if you do not plan a close up, most of the bevels are ok. The ones on the concave board in front of the white keys are probably the most obvious.

Find the best camera angle for the shot then work on the lighting. You might also want to populate the environment, add a chair for the piano maybe etc.

Oh yes, i´m still trying to find a good angle for the camera. I was also thinking of adding a chair for the and maybe a litle table with a lamp on the side. Thanks!