One of my first renders.

I’m pretty bad at Blender and whatnot, I know. But here’s a model I made, it’s some weird creature. It’s fully rigged, it’s legs can move and has a joint at the knees. And the toes can bend.
Here’s a picture of it.

And also, here’s an animation of him blinking. But this was done before I did the background and legs to the creature.

I know the background and legs suck. <_<
Comments, criticism?

I think you went a tad crazy on the particle random factor. Try using hair in blender 2.4. It’s pretty early to call this in finished, you sure you don’t want to keep cracking at it?

I just didn’t wanna keep working on it. So, it’s finished in the sense that I’m not working on it anymore.

If you dont think that your that good then my best advice would be to treat everything as a WIP and act on peoples advice. Thats how I made my ( slight ) improvements.