One plane parallax fake perspective rooms

Test for my one-plane building’s interior / rooms project;

This is a test for my first decent fake-perspective shaders.
I’ve made them with the help of KitOps Parallax, with a few tweaks to Parallax’s output (related to the back wall: if you ever used the addon you might have experienced that or not).
Animation rendered in Eevee (glass material has an odd reflection, but I didn’t want to render this in Cycles: my room is too hot, and I dread long renders at the moment).

Objects and material mostly from scratch, with a few additional assets for the vegetation: from Bagapie and Vegetation addons.

My plan keeps being to create a few dozen of these, (and the assets to fill up the scenes, most of which I’ve completed), export them and use them in my procedural building project, or adapt them for Buildify.

But I have not planned past that: mostly this work is to create a library for myself, but I itch to go back and actually have fun with sculpting and concept art: this work is instead a bit on the side of repetitive.

Anyway: I’m rendering rooms large 2.5, 5, and 8 meters, and between 2.8 and 3.2 meters tall, these being reasonably compatible with the aforementioned real-size procedural building project; the final effect is good enough when seen beyond architectural elements, and can’t bear too close inspection, of course.

Any hint to improve the realism? Thanks!


That’s some aggressive parallax. When you say one plane, is it just the wall, or is the plane something transmapped that’s between the window and back wall?

Anyway, I have no suggestions for improvement, it already looks too good.

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Hello !

These are super cool ! really awesome work ! And it’s great to see that you’re still working on your building project !

Hum, that depends on what you’re looking for. I think it’s mostly a matter of lighting.
Sadly when seen in daylight my bet is that you probably won’t see much of these interiors. The windows reflections will be mainly what you see. There is also a kind of depth : Curtains are still very visible , but say 1 or two meter inside is barely visible.

But having something there will definitively make a huge difference.

For the night version, my guess is that on the contrary it lacks a bit of overall brightness, but it’s hard to judge in daylight. Probably having colors a bit warmer may help too.

Then, I think it’s more of what kind of project you’re looking for, it may be a bit too perfect to feel natural. But this might be just what’s needed for a arch-viz project where things are always a bit more cleaner than in reality.
To break up the cleanness I’ll take some random photos and try to overlays them on top of the textures inside the parallax shader with low opacity (yes #trashy #quickanddiry method) . This will give light variations and some randomness. It will probably look uglier but in the context of a shot where you need to “feel” the interiors but not pay attention to them it might work better !

Of course it’s always possible to go the long road and add that layer of randomness more precisely.
Then again it’s more about how much you want them to be seen or feel.

I think what you did is really awesome and you may just need a little break to see it with a fresh eye !
Well done !!

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It’s just a plane; the shader uses a crossmapped texture for 5 directional views + 4 sprite levels (that is all KitOps Parallax addon work: I just made a couple of edits to the resulting nodes, to correct for a misalignment).

Thanks mate, you make some excellent points re: distance from window, light and dirtyness;

I’ll build the next scenes mindful of that tip on the more noticeable objects not being past one, one meter and a half from the window, and I probably do a pass in photoshop to add a couple of effects when finished (or add semitransparent texture in the shader).

I’m not much concerned about visibility, for the daylight scenes, but the night one might use a bit more warmth, accents and reflections: I’ll try that out.

thanks! I don’t know at this point whether that and even this parallax thing are current, or useful, but still, learning is cool :slight_smile:

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Cool !

I totally get that, anyway you’ll put that knowledge and experience to good use at some point !

Keep up the good work !

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