one ring test

It’s a long time i didn’t post here … let’s make it quick : what do you think of this

Rendered with yafray.
Do you think the materials are ok (especially the one for the ring)?
Does the HDRI image fits well with the picture ?
Is the lightning good ?

So tell me waht you think :slight_smile:

The chain look a little too plastic. Very nice ring.

i think the chain looks a bit like cement, maybe get a different texture for that

Well thanks both of you. So this chain looks like plastic and cement at the same time, but I just wanted to make it like old metal used by the time on contrary to the ring which is still “brand new”.
I already tried to use some reflections on the chain but it was quite crappy in fact, the actual material only use a clouds texture with a white colorband. Maybe i should use a bigger cloudsize and reduce the col value for ths texture.

Anyway thanks for the advises.

Turn on subsurf and a little higher specular…

No i won’t turn subsurf on because i wanted to have this angular shape, it makes something old and basic.
But i’ll try the speculatiry, why not,let’s play with this.

If you want it to look old-style, why not try to make it “rusty”? some brown-red-black spots on it… think that would help. IMO The color of the chain is too similar to the wood.

But the ring looks great, and the HDRI image is great.

Thanks, yes instead of a white clouds tex, i should put it in brown/red.
I’m going to try this, good idea.

very nice. how but I think you should texture the chain.

i actualy like the chain the way it is done. i like the part in which the chain is reflected inside of the ring the most. i would resize that and crop the rest away. i will be a nice composition.

anyway as a metal designer i just can give you the advice no polishes metal is smooth. the reflection is too perfect. i would add some mroe noise to it.


Yeah but this is supposed to be the one ring, a perfect one ;).
Seriously i appreciate your advises because i’ve always been bad on materials.

I will try to had some fresnel to the reflection, but i don’t see what you mean by adding noise to it (forgive me i’m french …).

Thanks for the comments.

I personally think that the way the chain contrasts with the ring is brilliant.


Yeah, your chain’s great.

The ring should be a little less smooth where the chain is on the ring.

But its a good picture, loves the reflection :wink:

I’d agree, the One Ring is meant to be able to resist all damage, including scratches and other blemishes that would mar its smoothness. I’d leave that as it is. However, I think it could be a little yellower, plus the shadowed areas should probably be blacker too. Look at the shot of the Ring standing on the plinth during the Council of Elrond scene in the movie while the characters are bickering over it to get an idea of the sort of look I think it should have. :slight_smile:

If I remember right, the chain Frodo carries the Ring on was made of silver, so rust and corrosion aren’t options, but the silver isn’t impervious to damage so you can add scratches and blemishes there, in particular to the links that spend more time in contact with the Ring. I do remember the links in that chain were perfectly circular though, rather than that slightly odd shape you have for the links. While I like the shape, I’d say the geometric look would suit a Dwarfish artifact better, and the straight edges seem to me to clash a little with the Ring. is a pretty good reference foor colouring and reflectivity. is a little closer to your choice of colour, but it also shows the dark shadows on it that I’m talking about, plus it also shows some detail of the carrying chain.

Wow, another LOTR fanboy :D.
Well, thanks for taking the time to answer me, i appreciate that.

First, I tried to made the chain in silver, that was my goal too, but the reflections i had were quite ugly. And without any ray mirror, it looked like plastic ! So i decided to change the color of the chain.
In addition, as i said, i’d like to keep this angular shape for the chain, even if it is not in agreement with the movie.

For the shadows, in fact, the problem is … me! I’m using yafray and i don’t know to darken more and more the shadows. I have two area lamps, with an energy of 2.5 almost and i have those shadows. Should I rise the energy again ?

Thanks everyone for the comments and critics.

I don’t know if the differences are huge but there are some !

Looks very nice and photo-realistic, but…

Red arrow: This is how your chain is now
Green arrow: This is how the chain is suposed to be
Blue arrow: You got a yellow/red light from the right, but the sky is blue?

(Sorry i didn’t tell you in your WIP :expressionless: )


Don’t apologize, there was no WIP thread :slight_smile:

Blue arrow: you’re right, seems like a sun in the sky non ?
Others arrows, maybe I should fix this you’re right.

Thank you.

Hehe… sorry. I must be drunk or something even worse! :expressionless:

No problem, i understand (in addition there is a lot of ring test/test for hdri rings/ring and hdri/yafray ring test/yet another ring test or something threads :D)

Does it sound better to you now ?