One thing blender cant do, I think?

Ive seen a few modeling tuts from other software and they have a feature in which you can rotate a loop without distorting the object.

Is there a way to do this in blender???

Not sure what you mean…

How about just separating the verts, rotating them in object mode, and then rejoining them?

Or duplicate the verts, rotate, then delete the old ones.

It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve…

I was watching a maya and max tutorial, in which a loop cut was added and rotated 45 degree without effecting the shape of the finger. So you don’t just move the loop cut you can also rotate it. Watch the video at 7.50

Looks like basic knife cuts to me. “muticut” in Maya “Knife” in Blender Shortcut “k”

Your right you just have to press z to cut through, also don’t hold down the mouse button in order to have a straight line.

or use “bisect”

Ya, those are knife cuts, so the mesh was essentially separated from the rest before it was rotated (I didn’t actually see any rotating going on, but maybe I missed it.)

Ahh the rotation was from a max tutorial I saw, pretty sure blender cant do it

check out 4.30