One thing that kills realism in particle hair

Hey everyone!

Occasionally I like to play around with the particle hair but I have noticed there is this one thing that just ruins the hair (unless you have a straight hairstyle).

Lets say I have a wavy hairstyle and real life waves get thinner at the end but I think I have tried just about everything to get this effect but I can´t get the waves to get thinner at the end.
By thinner I mean the child hairs get closer to the parent hair at the end of the strand to achieve this desired shape.

There is a setting called Endpoint and it has a Shape slider but adjusting these values does give an effect that looks a bit like what I want however, the hair strand gets thinner (child hairs go closer to parent) at the root only not at the end.

Is there a way to achieve this? And if not, I´d love to see this setting in 2.72 : )

I hope you know what I mean. I have included two pictures : D : )

If anybody knows how to achieve this I´d love to hear from you! : )


Jack up the clumping, tweak the shape, mess with the threshhold.

Hey there Photox, tried your settings and my hair looks almost the same. No change at the end of the wave. Any other ideas?

Post the blend and I can take a look.

Heres a sample strand. Maybe you can get the end of the wave to make that more realistic shape. I think I have tried just about everything but no luck : ) -

I think the big issue is that the radius was too large, here are the sample settings for a strand similar to what you want:

Oh that looks much better! Thanks a lot! : )