Onion Skins for 3D objects as native Feature

Hey, I hope everyone is doing fine there days.

I remember someone saying that native onion skins (a.k.a. ghosting) for 3D objects is being considered as a feature for (near?) future blender versions. Similar to what Grease Pencil offers, this is immensely useful for checking arcs and motion in screen space.

Currently I have a plugin, which, while working, is a little slow during initialization as it just creates a bunch of copies of onion skinned objects. I’d love a light and universal solution that works with all kinds of objects and animations.

Soo, does anyone know more about a native solution?

I don’t know anything about this feature but it would be cool! Right now I use the motion path feature to check my animation arcs, are you familiar with it?

Yep I know the path thingy, but never use it tbh. Can be useful with rigid objects I guess? Onion Skins would be nice with deforming characters, though :slight_smile: