Online - Any helpers?

Came here because I am not even sure anymore. I don’t really understand this – were wondering if anyone would be interesting on helping with this. If you are, go ahead message me on in PM to get my skype so we can do this efficiently.

But, I tried the addon, the tutorials are out of date. I tried a tutorial, but it seems to not be giving me the results I wanted. I don’t expect much. All I really want to do is make a prototype that just sends the player to the server and players to the client. Very complex logic and could use some help.

I don’t really mind help with the addon, or in code. Whatever can get me on my feet is great. I knew this would be the hardest part for my game and I can’t go forward without this.

Well you left people kind of hanging. How much do you know? Do you know python or are you trying to plug-and-play Agoose’s addon(you just the the add-on, im not even sure which one). You dont care which, have you tried your own script? Are you having script problems? Connection problems? Tell us what you know and what you’ve tried so we will have a general Idea of how to help you. Give us a starting point.


I know how to code with python. It’s just mutliplayer in any engine has always confused me because the logic is complex.