Online Dynamic Product Configurator - Using Blender?

Hi Everyone,

I’m a product designer for a company who would like to display our 3D models online to the customer, like a typical product configurator, but with a twist.

Most configurators let you select from a few pre-defined dimensions. They have a few discrete models modeled at those particular sizes, so when you select a dimension, it changes to that model.

We want the user to be able to type in their custom dimensions (within a range), and then see the 3D model shrink or grow to those dimensions in real time.

Also, when the product gets bigger, more support pieces must be added. When smaller, they’re taken away.

Think of a book case, which can be any height and width you type in. But programmatically the software knows once it goes over XX inches wide, it adds another vertical member to the 3D model. And once it goes over XX inches tall, it adds another shelf.

People keep saying this is possible to achieve, using something like blend4web, Unity or the like. But I cannot find an example of this anywhere.

Has anyone actually seen this done?
Can you share any examples?