Online Freelance Working/Collaboration Platform for 3D Industry

FOR 3D ARTISTS is a platform where you can find various types of Freelance Projects & Job Listings and collaboratve with the other Artists/Clients by using various Innovative working options varies from One on One FREE Exchange works , Royalty Works & PAID Freelance Jobs.

As we just launched our Public Beta right now we are limited to Freelance Job Listings & User portfolios hosting with FREE User registrations.
Very soon we will be ready with our online working platform and other Innovative services.
Until then check with the latest Freelance Job listings & Update your portfolios… :slight_smile:

FOR EMPLOYERS is also a one stop solution for Hiring & Managing 3D Freelancers to create 3D Content for various Industries like 3D Printing , 3D Visualization, Gaming & VFX etc. By using our FREE , PAID & ROYALTY based Project Postings with us.
As we just launched our Public Beta more info about our innovative Services & Features will be updated very soon!

For more details please visit our website

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