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Sadly, as far as I’m aware of, our colleges and universities do not offer graduations focusing 3D art in Brazil with a few new and questionable exceptions.

Id like to know if you guys could recommend some good universities that offer a online graduation in this area and if they are worth taking.


Approximately nobody who is actually hiring gives a fuck about an online degree in 3D art. There’s a wealth of information and training material online, both free and paid. Put in the work, create the best portfolio you can (quality over quantity!) and put yourself out there (Artstation, Behance, Youtube…). Do some networking, get people to know you. Again, you need to put in the work.

Also, consider if you really really really want to be a 3D artist, because a lot of people want to be 3D artists, which creates an oversupply of labor, which means you will earn less for more effort. Lots of creatives are screwing themselves over doing free work and spec work and internships, all to very little gain.

Since you live in Brazil, you should take advantage of your lower living cost. Try finding freelance work in more expensive countries, like the US. Again, why would anybody care about your degree from some random institution offering online degrees in 3D art? Nobody puts in the work to research what school you went to. They look at your portfolio and if they don’t like what they see, your degree won’t save you. If they do like what they see, your degree still won’t matter.

Oh really? Its great to know that! When I read people bragging about their art degrees and how they got into Pixar and Dreamworks with them I cant help but feel a bit envious. But if it is as you say then maybe I can make a living out of 3D art?
I dont care about stuff like money, I just love modelling and animation too much! If I could live doing these things I love and dedicate myself to them 24/7 I would be really happy. But it is scary as I dont know if such thing is possible being as ignorant as I am.

What BeerBaron (cool nickname, btw) says is true if you want to work as a freelancer BUT, sadly, if you want to apply for positions inside ILM, Dreamworks, Pixar, etc., usually a degree (not necessarily a 3D one) is requested.

Where did you get information? Skill > Any degree.

First of all, for most of the time that Pixar/Dreamworks were operating, there was not such thing as an “online degree in 3D art”. I don’t know what got these braggers hired, but it almost certainly wasn’t that degree, but whatever skills they could demonstrate (possibly as a result of getting that education).

Don’t get me wrong, some places may value (or require) certain degrees, but there’s a whole economy of bullshitting people into getting popular but worthless degrees and “online degree in 3D art” just rings all the warning bells. Don’t listen to what educators promise you, listen to what employers want.

Here’s a video with people responsible for hiring at Blur, which is exactly the kind of information you should be looking for. They generally don’t care about the degree in and of itself.

But if it is as you say then maybe I can make a living out of 3D art?

Maybe. Talk to other Brazilians. Look at what kinds of jobs are actually offered and what the modalities are for working freelance remote. If it turns out that in Brazil, there’s a certain kind of degree that they’re looking for, then consider getting that degree. If it turns out that they just want some kind of university degree (which is not that uncommon), consider getting a degree in something more generally useful instead. The point is, don’t waste time and money on a worthless degree.

Also, if it turns out that there’s no jobs, then that’s that. You’ll need to look abroad, in that case.

I dont care about stuff like money, I just love modelling and animation too much!

That’s what all young people say. Unless you have plenty of money, you probably will start caring about money soon. Consider that you might be living a much more pleasant life by working a more profitable job and doing 3D as a hobby (or side-business). Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Also, learn about the economy in Brazil. If you want to earn a living, it’s not about what you want to do, it’s about what the economy wants you to do.

If I could live doing these things I love and dedicate myself to them 24/7 I would be really happy.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, either.

But it is scary as I dont know if such thing is possible being as ignorant as I am.

Yeah… that’s real life!

True, degrees don’t matter

It’s all about making a reel that talks for itself and good contacts.
Depending on what you want to learn there are a couple of great online schools out there, like animation mentor and animschool, but those are more focused on character animation, the latter has also a character TD program where you learn character modeling and rigging too. But animation might not be your cup of tea.

Actually what I really love most and really want to learn is character modeling and animation 0.o
When I see those “anime like” models all white like they are made of porcelain I cant help but feel really enraptured. The desire to learn how to make beautiful characters like these is so strong its almost painful hehe…
This is the ONE thing I really want to achieve in this life.

But sadly I cant afford to pay from $1.650 to up to $2500 each term 0.o… Thats quite expensive around here.

Sorry, double post

Learn the basics of drawing and anatomy the first 3-12 months, depending of your talent. You’ll save years that way.

yes, try not to stay on the basics, take the free online courses from Proko and get good at it master anatomy, learn a bit of sculpting and you’re on your way.
Master the artistic fundamentals in every way, drawing from life is a skill that isnt 100% necessary, but that if you train it, CG work will be a piece of cake.

Pixar & Khan Academy offer you free learning (+ free Non-Commercial PRMan render engine, which is working great with Blender):


You just need to show what are you really made of… :wink:

The future is all yours.

In general, the point of having a degree (or diploma) is to show certain qualities. These would be things like:

  • working to spec - producing what is instructed, rather than something unusable
  • producing on schedule - routinely missing deadlines, or sacrificing quality to meet them, is a Bad Thing
  • ability to learn - an in-office job will likely require learning the “right” (their) way regardless of your way
  • commitment - an employer doesn’t want to invest in somebody who’ll walk away if they get bored in a month

Portfolio rules for artistic roles, although technical education would trump that for more technical roles.

Ironically employers and clients looking for freelance artists will not be impressed by online degrees as someone with some modest artistic talent and web skills can put something fake together without much effort. A potential employer may even be impressed with an obviously fake certificate of good quality provided it’s presented as such.