Onlive -

I am tried the Onlive yesterday… I have no words…
This is totally stunning. Most of the games has 30 minutes trial, so you can try it without paying. Incredible. I am tried 15 new AAA games in a hour… The application runs fine on my old machine with 10% of processor using. :slight_smile: Running AAA games like Batman, Assassins Creed, Homefront, Dirt etc.
I am not a big gamer, I just try the games to see the technical and graphical things, so the 30 minutes play per game is fine for me. :o)

But this is not a spam. :slight_smile: I think publishing on Onlive is a good possiblity for Blender games! I think Onlive uses fix hardwares, so Blender can run on it without problems.

What do you think?

Haven’t tried it yet, but seems nice. :slight_smile:

Onlive is a game streaming service that leverages a technology known as cloud computing to eliminate hardware barriers between gamers and their games, using a fast internet connection, your game is streamed to you, receiving the input from your keyboard and mouse, in realtime as the game is processed and stored on their extremely powerful hardware and servers, this allows high end AAA games using the latest in graphics technology to be played even on old or low-end computers, laptops, netbooks, and perhaps even the portable tablets and smartphones once those control schemes are supported.

The only downside is this, you need a good connection that reaches their servers to play, and I’m not sure if even those in your country who have fast connections are close enough to their servers to get good streaming using their service. (I believe the servers right now are on the US west coast)

I like the idea of publishing BGE games on them.
May be something I’d try one day :smiley:

Oh yes I have heard about cloud nirvana-gaming. I had read you can play games without hardware barriers but i hadnt read it properly so thought i was just dreaming. :smiley: thanxx for clarifying. :slight_smile:

This is quite interesting technology. if one could have an optic connectivity, then high end graphic card wont be needed anymore to the end user.
i think some companies are providing such connectivity nearby i think or from what i’ve heard of.
but the real issue would be the cost for such a connectivity. who knows, maybe they’ll put a decent price tag after it get widespread.

@mohd.itqan i think they(govt) has started a mass investment in it, very recently to spread across all the sub continent’s borders.[Warning: pro-indian forum Link ]