Only hope

64 samples with a resolution of 2160x1930.
It is a tree on an island in the middle of a dangerous ocean storm.
It is the only hope.
It is the only refuge.
It is the only way out.
And we have a long way to go.

I just made this because it came to mind. And its a good example of the coronavirus situation right now. As a wave clears you can see the end of the pandemic but then another comes.

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How did you make your sea wave setup? It looks really interesting and almost reminiscent of stencils or cartoons with the way the crests catch the light.

the waves were done using an ocean modifyer and then i amplified them using foam.

heres the ocean modifyer settings i used:

heres the simple node setup i used for the water and foam

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Woah, I had no idea there was an ocean modifier! Thanks for this.

No problem!