Only object outline showing in Blender 2.82

Does anyone know why only the object outline is showing when I start Blender.

I un-installed and re-installed but it remains the same so I’m wondering if it’s something to do with my computer.

Picture attached.

You’ve got xray mode on, and your light theme is making the default surface blend into the background (is my guess).

turn off xray, change the backdrop (World), or use a different theme. Also, go into Edit mode.

Thanks Jeric,

first of all, thanks for taking the time to respond.

I installed Blender on a different computer and didn’t get the same problem. On the original PC toggling Xray mode made no difference. If I went into Edit mode and deselected the object, then went back to Object mode, the problem had disappeared and I go the solid object.

I tried uninstalling a 2nd time then making sure and Blender files left over were deleted, then re-installed, but same issue. I can only assume it’s something with the original PC, perhaps the graphics or whatever. It’s not a modern PC.

blender 2.8+ need open gl 3.3 maybe this help

Thanks Mario,

downloaded an opengl version checker and my system supports opengl 4.5 so I think that means it also supports lower versions too.

… Did you ever find the problem?

Hi Jeric,

no it’s got me stumped, and I can only guess it’s specific to that PC.

It just seems to be at start up and once I go into Edit mode and de-select the object, I can go back to Object mode and the object is shown correctly. So that’s all I do for now.

FWIW, that it’s at startup implicates the startup.blend, I suspect.

Good luck.

Cheers Jeric.