Only shadow has been rendered. Need help

I knew it was a stupid question, i may have some wrong setting in my rendering. But i cannot find it out. Here is the render and the setting. Just switched to 2.8, feel so confused///
No material missing, i copy this mesh from one of my other project, it works fine. But working weird in this one.

Is it enabled for rendering? Display symbol next to the mesh name.

it’s enabled.

Check ray visibility option - maybe shadow catcher is checked?

No more ideas so far, sorry : (

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Thanks anyway. Appreciate your help

I had the same issue. That helped me:
In outliner in Filter: check “Indirect only” to show icons.
In folder in which model is located I had to switch off icon “Indirect only”
Hope this helps

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Thanks, it solved my problem.
I waste so long on this problem…
Thanks for pointing out!