Onscreen animation trigger.

Hi all, I have a menu that I would like to zoom in when the quota points is reached. I have it set up and animated and overlaid, how do I trigger the animation from my current game play level? I can’t seem to move a property between scenes to trigger the action.
Any help appreciated.



try a message actuator. the OBject must have an OB in front of the name for some stupid reason.

so Cube would be OBCube. Is’nt that just amazingly STUPID? It is not like we can send messages to a ME: material block, no matter what you have to send to an OBject!!! there is no other possibility!!

Also, it seems that with blender 2.45 you can only talk between the main scene and 1 overlay… if you add more overlays, or remove one, you will not be able to send messages anymore.
I sure hope BGE gets a major bugfix session soon.

Well it’s no bloody wonder I couldn’t work it out on my own. :smiley: Sometimes I feel stupid for posting what seem like idiotic questions but now I feel vindicated. Thanks Mmph! for the reply. I’ll give it a go when I get home.


The text: The “To:” field indicates that the message should only be sent to objects with the Property indicated by “To:”.

Also, you dont have to send to. Just leave it blank and let the receiving check for it. That works well.

I got it to work! Thanks gentlemen.

Here is a simple working version for anyone else needing help to set it up.


I’ve not had that problem… I have a working .blend made with 2.45 that has two overlay scenes and messages are still sent and received properly. It could be with the way I add them, though. The main scene adds the first overlay, then the first overlay adds the second. Communication is fine between the main scene and the first overlay (tested on Linux and Windows). Are you experiencing the problem when you add more than one overlay from the same scene?

That’s old documentation you’re quoting. The function of the “To:” field has changed since that was written. It functions as Mmph! described. You are correct, though, that leaving it blank is simpler. I’ve not found a practical use for sending messages to only one object yet.

I’m not sure that ititrx likes being called a gentleman. :wink:

I dose not seem to matter where I add the scene from, any more than 1 overlay seems to be forbidden for some reason.
The main scene, the background scene, the overlay scene… all the same for me.