Oops! The wind blew her clothes away!!

So I have this clothed female character; the clothes were modelled as a separate object. I selected the CLOTH option, and set it to cotton. Then I added a WIND force field and… I ended up with a naked lady, as the wind blew her clothes away!!! :o

How can I make her keep her clothes on on a windy day?


have you set the lady mesh to be a deflector

No. Should I? Thanks, waylow.

In my first attempts, a cloth would also remain at its spot when moving a character even with collison on the character’s mesh.
Nowadays, i firstly weightpaint a cloth to the bones system and secondly give it a cloth deformer.
That flythrough ploblem seams overcome since.
I still didn’t find a real detailed step by step tutorial of the procedure… but i guess i’ll send one as soon i’ve experienced all the struggle to get the whole workflow done from a to z. :wink:

check out this for soft body clothes