OPAL geometric/procedural color effect in CYCLES Blender 2.8 beta

Hi everyone,

Following a good idea from one of my youtube subscriber, I am currently realizing some new advanced gemstones effect. I really liked this opal material I did this afternoon. Hope you like it too.
I will be creating a more developped jewel using this setting as soon as possible,




are you doing it in cycles 2.8 or Eevee

there is some nodes for opal did you check it ?

looking good

happy cl

Nice, interesting. I am using CYCLES in 2.8 beta.
I am using similar nodes, basically color ramps and voronoi. The problem is, there are many tips of opal (black opals, mexican opals, australian opals, milky opals, fire opals etc… some totally clean and many with dirt and very special inclusions), but many are in part see through, which means surface only effects come out as plastic or give disappointing results.
So from the beginning, I decided that there must be geometry involved, like in real life, many minerals are solidified gases and liquids, so the shapes inside the mineral can’t be obtained with material effects only. It’s even harder if the jewel must be animated.
I am doing this for a specific tutorial, in spanish (i will post nodes then).

Its faster to create variations then, like a bluer opal

try it in EEVEE way faster for render LOL
but a bit more difficult to set up cause need for lightprobes but afterward
render is super faster then cycles

doing volume glass 3D effect in cycles is not really very easy to do
easier I think to use other renderer like Yafaray or Lux
but can’t wait to see what you come up with

happy cl

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And about the opal nodes, do they exist or are they add-on?

About EVEE, during quick tests refraction setup where not convincing at all, so I did not take more time so far to make it work in EVEE.

in the thread there is a nodes setup but no file
but can always PM Moony and he might have a sample file for it

I did not really tried to make that one
not really into complex Gem like that LOL

there is also another thread on iridescence which may have some opal too
ask Moony he worked on that one too !

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there is EEVEE
but this is not 3D

but gives some nice surface colors

happy blo

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just saw this new video for volume in EEVEE
but cannot find the resources !

interesting for 3D volume effect using principal volume in EEVEE

happy bl

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