Open an URL on a new browser window?

Hi everyone, my cuestion is… I have a .blend file, and I need to put it on the web plug in, but I wanna know if is possible to use something different to “host_application”, “load_url” and “url…”, and in stead of this, using javascript, for example, and doing something like “”. What I need is to open the url, but on a new browser window.

I hope someone of you can help me, I’ve spend a lot of time looking for an answer to this…

you can always just use

<a href="site" target=_blank>

that’ll open the site in a new window.

Are you sure this works…? I tried and it don’t even lets type it complete on no one of the three fields of the message actuator… Just in case this is not completly clear, I need to load the url, from the .blend file, not from an html page.

I apreciate the comment, but please let me know if I’m doing it wrong, and how should I do it… if that’s the case.


ahh… i think there is a misunderstanding of what the Blender Web-Plugin is.
It is not a Blender plugin, but a browser plugin. It is the Blender game engine for browsers and is currently not in development.
I don’t know about a way to open a browser in Blender… possibly through some standard (non blender) python function.

Try this:

import Blender, webbrowser'')

I tried, but it doesn’t work, maybe am doing something wrong, but I guess not. I put it on a python script, but it went nowhere. Thanks anyway, if there is another idea…

Do you know how to send messages to javascript?, there’s an example of a laptop(was in, but it isn’t anymore…), javascript sends messages to blender, and there’s something that makes me think that javascript receives a message from blender, but I’ve been looking on the .blend file, and I couldn’t find where could this happen, so if have you seen this example, and know how do this, please let me know…

I have the laptop and the .html file example on my machine, but I don’t know how you can get it, if are you interested, let me know how, and I’ll give it to you… Thanks!!!

This thread shows how to pull this trick :wink: :