Open certain files => Unsupported Graphics Cards or Driver .. OpenGL3.3

Hey all,

I tried to search if anyone has the same issue.

I’ve been working on a file ~25mb yesterday, I have been using the latest stable 2.8

And this morning when I try to open it I have the error

It is only with that file, I can work on my other files.

I already had this issue, so the workaround it to “Append” everything on a new file, which is a pain. So just wanted to know if anyone had a similar issue?

I have a ryzen 7 2700X
2 GTX 1080ti 11go
OpenGL 4.6

Everything is up to date

Did you find out what caused it? I have the same issue after install 2.81. But I get this error when I want to launch blender on network machine via Remote Desktop. When I try to command line render on same machine it is OK.