Open concept living space WIP

Ok so I have been working on this for a few weeks now. I plan on doing the entire house. This is the open living space. Im about 90% done with the Living Room section but still have a lot to do in the kitchen and dining room.Lighting and rendering has always been my weakness and I would love some tips.

The left sofa looks like a sliced bread, since it is not of wood.

Match the sofa set. The two seats have different color than the big one.

Adjust the camera. Give some breathing room. Find a good angle.

Use Filmic Blender, if you are not using.

Add curtains.

Increase the rendering samples.

Is the light cast by sun? If yes, check the HDR you are using. It gives an impression that the time is around noon or something, but the shadows cast by sun is too long making it look like sunset or sunrise. Since it is day time, I suggest you turn off all the lights to make it more natural. You can increase the lighting from the HDRI and sun lamp (experiment a bit with the values).

Align the sofas well.

That’s my opinion, and I am no expert. I am also learning blender, and currently I am also working on a living room scene. :slight_smile:

Usernew has given you great feedback. The mesh on the chair is the most distracting element to me. You have some great things going for you here though. Well done!