[Open for recruitment!] Project Edge: Character Rigging Phase

thk u for talking about my swords lol

I just say a cool article onpolycount about different techniques of creating polygonal hair and I saw the hair model of that girl from Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix’s modelers are beasts. I mean, if you’re gonna look at the hair model, the polygons are well put and clean. Clean, meaning faces are clear of any intersections of other faces. I know they’re using their proprietary software called Crystal or whatever the hell they call it and maybe it makes modeling a lot easier for them but still, they’re doing a pretty nice job. 5 thumbs up to them. Well anyway, upon seeing the character’s hair model, I got inspired to model another hair for Aella and hopefully this will be her last. I kind of replicated way they used polygons as clumps and ended up with this one (below). Looks neat compared to the previous one. Another thing I’m looking forward to is adding more texture on her to make her look unclean. Here are test renders I made earlier 2 of which are highlighting the hair. You’ll see some intersecting faces but I’m already tired for today. I’m planning on adding some more clumps on that head til it looks okay to me. Looks pretty decent already, though, so I guess I won’t be putting in too much work on this next time, I don’t wanna get stuck on this character. :spin:



As you’ll see here, I changed the top outfit color. Different shades of gray is just boring. I might also change her pants’ diffuse to something light.

Nice. I like the bump maps that You’ve added, but I think you did a bit of overkill with them.

What do you mean? Bump maps on what object?

thats some pretty nice modelling there dude.

you mentioned voice actors and so i’ll throw my hat in the ring. I have my own recording setup/ home studio (pro-tools etc)

also, i would very much like to do the sound and music for you. I have been composing for quite a while. if you are interested, heres an orchestral adaptation of an Evanescence song that i arranged - http://youtu.be/HJP82IILfds.

keep up the good work!

That’s great then. Although I’ll need to hear an audition of your voice recordings. The male character will be a big buff guy so his voice needs to be low and has a considerable amount of bass. Do you also do foleying?

i can do that. just let me know when you’ve reached that phase.

Im set up for most recording situations, just let me know what you need.

Alright, that’s great. :smiley: I’ll keep you on the list. Welcome to the team. :yes:

Here are the boots:

Took an image from Google and projected it on the boots model then fixed everything up in Gimp.

I think it’s time to move on to the other character. I don’t wanna spend too much time on this one.

Alright, here are some updates of Aella’s (again):



I know I have to move on to the next character but I just had to tweak her face once more and add some more accessories, she just looks boring.

Here are some test renders of the next character:



There’s a lot to fix here, obviously. I sculpted a head first and retopo’d it and got this as a result.

i would say that over all its going quite well. the only thing i will suggest is to scale that gauntlet down just a tad. it really would serve no purpose having the hand obstructed by something as large, especially if you’re doing fight choreography. but thats just what i’d do.

Thanks. I intend the left forearm to be like that. It’ll serve as her shield that’s why I modeled it like that. She will be holding the sword with her right hand. :yes:

fair enough. good work on the male character so far as well!

let me know if you need anything to help you acheive your goals quicker. Do you want me to mock up some scenery? if so just tell me what sort of architecture or landscapes you have in mind. I could use the practise.

Right now, none at the moment. Although, I’d love to hear a voice audition from you. Do you have a link online pointing towards a recording?

Just some updates on the “other” character:






His name is Brogg, by the way. Male models are pretty easy to model. I guess because you don’t have to worry about the waist and the breasts. Lol.

not online no. i’llhave to mock something up when next i get a chance. if you have any dialogue written send it to me and i’ll record somehting for you.

Okay. I’ll send some lines to you after I’ve finished the script.

Here are a couple of updates of Brogg:

This render seems dark so I increased the light strength, as you will see on the next renders. I just modeled the armor from his topology. I separated them, added solidify and applied it.



Modeling characters off of a plane or a cube without any concepts could really take up time. This experience taught me that drawing the character first before modeling is very important. I thought things would be quicker if I just went straight on modeling but I wasted hours of deciding what I should put on him.

Updates on Brogg:





Had some fun with the bumps but I think you’ll hardly notice them. :smiley: I still have to work on his eyebrows and eyelashes, not to mention the textures on the armor and the boots. More to come soon. :yes:

Updates on the texturing:






The mouth part was just suggested by my brother. Now he looks futuristic and all. :smiley: The normals on the boots are really showing some signs of distortion. I’m gonna fix that later.

I too would be interested in doing some voice work if the you are still recruiting we would also be able to contribute some music if you would like as well

Thank you in advance