Open GL normal to DX normal?

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It may be a stupid question :smile:
As far as I know, DX type normal is the invert of open GL normal, like roughness and smoothness kinda?

Now, if I want to have a DX type of normal, then how should I go about it?

If I bake the invert of a bump node, then I can say it is DX type already? :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, if I have a GL normal map already, how to convert it? Separate RGB channels, and then… Flip it somehow?

Or there may simply be a free converter tool? :grin:


I’m not sure if understand your question correctly but natively Blender use openGL type normal maps. Convertion between GL and DX normal maps can be easily done with a few nodes:

Afaik the same can be achieved using separate/combineRGB nodes by reversing Green channel.

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Yes, the difference is an inverted Green Channel of the normal map…
I use x-Normal to bake most of my normals, making sure to turn off Tangent Space…

@gerciowski beat me to the answer…:wink:

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Thank you guys, @gerciowski and @RSEhlers!

Yes, I know Blender uses Open GL of course. But I may need DX type normal as well, hence the question.

I grant solution to Gerciowski, for faster reply, and Master Ehlers has a lot of solutions already :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy blending! :blush:

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