Open Marble 1.1

Open Marble is a marble maze style game were you must roll your marble around the board and find all the coins then get to the finish. similar games are the Marble Blast series.
Open Marble is developed in blender. You can download either the windows exacutables or the .blend.

This is an opensource project and any suggestions or changes are welcome. Please email me at "[email protected]" if you have any suggestions or comments.

The current stable version of Open Marble is 1.1, you will need a fairly modern computer with a OpenGl capable graphics system to run the game. There are 20 levels in version 1.1 My blog is here where i will continue to post updates and such.

You can download the windows version here.

You can download the .blend here.

You can Download older versions of all my games here.

There is a tutorial on making your own levels for open marble here.