Open Material Repository [BETA] is online

the new open material repository is online now.

It is possible to browse the categories and a search function is integrated.

All materials on this page are for free and every member can upload new ones.

thanks for visiting and feedback

Very cool. I can see this as being incredibly helpful for not only using these materials, but learning how to make better materials!!! Very Very Cool!!!

Thats awesome thanks for your effort :slight_smile:


try to use the 3dx preview model maxwel for example uses.

it shows many good aspects of a texture!


A long overdue feature. Best of luck with the site.

Maybe someone will post kagi’s toon shader settings.

thank you all for your suggestions.

a maxwell-like preview render is now available.

I think this is a great idea … I do however think it would better if you could generate rendered images on the back-end. I’m sure that’s something that could be scripted.

Also, when new users register … it’s probably a good idea to mask their password with asterisks (and also to have them retype it)


great, when I have time i will up my metal shaders.

how is suede organic?
and how are there only 1 listed under organic when it says 4?

thank you for your feedback.

@ oodmb: the not visible materials weren’t reviewed and enabled when you noticed the inconsistency in counting. these entries will not be counted in future. suede has been moved to section misc

until now, 34 entries are stored in the repository. Has anybody created cool materials? please share :wink:

A Great Idea !!

i’ve looked up some other materials people have posted, hopefully you’ll be bale to use them:

btw, the red molten glass doesnt realy look molten- molten glass looks exactly like glowing honey.

i’d think its better if you post those comments on the site, since it’s a comment on the shader, not the site.

titles for materials are given by the artists - we do not edit them.
in case of suggestions for another useabilty we edit the search string on our review.

until now the database contains 50 materials.

please visit the site, comments are welcome and will be appreciated.

There needs to be a way you can edit your comments and material details. I uploaded an electric material earlier, but i accidentally put it in “car paints” :o


News from May, 11th - 2007

Go on guys!
If we reach 100 Users and 200 Materials, i’ll spend the Project a whole server with enough webspace for tousends of materials more!
So go on spread the news and upload more mats :wink:

– Paratron

keep on uploading Blender Artists :smiley:

EDIT: Paratron…u could use a toon material category…

Isn’t suede leather from the skin of a pig?
That is closer to organic than to misc it seems to me.


Great thing!

I will post a link on my site.
Is it walross who did it???
Need to clarify!

aaah, the ball is set rolling, very fine.

@rolandixor: the founder of this great tool is called paratron, a contact-link can be found on the site.

he does a great job and tries to realise the submitted suggestions.

The usercount grows fast and 74 astonishing materials are stored at the moment.

thank you for visiting