open movie, closed formats?

why was ed realised as avi? why is peach planed to be realised as mov? why not realise open moves using open video formats like oog/theora? personally i have found theora to be much better quality and take up about 1/10 of the space!
and why dusent blender even render to these formats? :spin:

Because functionality is more important than ideology in the real world.

ogg/theora can compress video to 1/10th the size of H264 mov?

The video was encoding using FFmpeg, and that’s open source enough for me.

ogg/theora can compress video to 1/10th the size of H264 mov?

forgot to mention i was comparing it to avi/jpg

open movie, closed formats?

Actually open source movie; how would access to the source of render formats affect access to the source of the movie?

From an “in the spirit of things” viewpoint should the foundation take a stand to accommodate OSS? Should it then take a stand against “closed”, propriety formats, renderers etc? Or just not take any stand at all and accept code from volunteers when it’s submitted and ready?


have to agree with this one ^^^ .avi is just a container, no? :confused: its the codec’s that matter…

edit: and Fligh’s got a point too, ofc.

I think its more important to focus on the movie part of “open source movie” to be honest.

I don’t like MOV files just because the ones I’ve run into and such tend to have sucked, but AVI, well, it’s pretty much a bottle you puts whatever you wants to in.

Also, I swear you used to be able to produce a runnable avi by concatenating JPEG files. …

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