Open Movie: Our Earths VR enters production phase and is looking for artists

Quick update from the project front as we have now entered the production phase and are building blender environments/scenes/objects already. If you are looking for a general project overview/introduction see further below).

Here is the current work in progress Intro (only few missing elements left). Its 360° 3D VR so the view here is of course just a small “window” perspective but I think its enough to get an impression. Note the custom composed music and voice actor.

A few stills from that work-in-progress Intro:

and future scenes:

Our main character as concept art:

and the almost finished 3D model on sketchfab:

We’re currently looking for 3D Artists, VFX-Artists, SFX-Artists and a production manager. Do you have skills not listed here? We’ll surely find a way to make your talent count. Its a community project with volunteers - we really enjoy collaboration and learning from each other.

About Our Earths VR

It feels like we have collectively given up regarding doing something against the climate crisis and all the implications it has on biodiversity, our ecosystems and all our lives. The science has been clear for decades but politicians have just recently started prominently announcing ambitious goals to limit global temperature rises at climate conferences. But the reality is that CO2 emissions are rising further faster and the increase will continue to grow. Constant news of the crisis picking up speed like polar ice caps melting faster than ever anticipated or temperatures hitting levels never recorded for this time of the year before have numbed us to a level that we just accept this as new reality.

With Our Earths VR we will show that a bright future is still possible. We are creating a future world showing how humanity has solved all the problems we are facing today. What will such a world look like? How will we live, how will we travel, what will we eat and what jobs will be left when AI and robots have taken over most of the things we occupy ourselves with today? When will we raise our view towards the stars and space exploration entirely?

Of course we will also show what the peak of the climate crisis will look like and how it will turn vast areas of our planet into uninhabitable wastelands forcing billions of people to leave their homes, constant extreme weather events, collapse of entire ecosystems and resulting global food shortages, wars, etc. included.

These future worlds are being created by an international community of scientists and experts in their fields creating simulations and evidence based forecasts. We want to build the project on broad international scientific and interdisciplinary consensus. No “science fiction”, a “science vision”.

The VR experience though is not meant to just be an unemotional display of the future - we want to immerse the viewers in all aspects of this world - give them a chance to touch and feel it. We want to shock the audience, we want to give hope and create compassion - make the audience feel and fear with the people of these future worlds. A full cinematic audiovisual immersive experience!

The project is executed as an open movie using Blender for all 3D animations and we will release all assets we create in the course of the project freely - of course also the finished VR experience will be made freely available on as many VR platforms and systems (file download as well).

Project Website:

About me

I have been spending a significant amount of my time/life working on a community built open hardware and free software high end cinema camera that is completely modular and upgradeable. I will continue to spend time on the camera in the future as well. You might have stumbled upon the AXIOM project before - if not:
So I am an open source and open hardware enthusiast from the bottom of my heart.

But in retrospect I actually never wanted to build a camera, I wanted to make films with accessible tools that brought joy to the process, but let’s just say that one thing led to the other :slight_smile:

So I worked on various film projects (many documentaries for national broadcasters, some cinema projects, corporate/promo films) for various companies in the last decades creating animations, working in production (camera) and post production.

New post in addition to Open Movie: Our Earths - an immersive science vision of the future because we moved to animation/work in progress category.


I’m a scientist by trade, working on future energy systems (renewable systems of course). I guess I’m not really able to step into the production pipeline but if you need some sort of exchange concerning these systems and how they probably will change our cities, feel free to get in touch!